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The Mission of Superior Volleyball Academy is to Teach and Coach our Junior Volleyball Boys and Girls Players the true meaning of Volleyball: Teamwork-Passion-Dedication-Determination-Desire-Strong Work Ethics- Leadership-Sportsmanship-Competitive Drive! Our main goal is to have our athletes physically and mentally prepared on and off the court for Advanced Level Volleyball and help them further their volleyball careers at the collegiate level.

Superior Volleyball Academy is cutting edge when it comes to coaching our athletes. We not only have one skilled coach instruct our volleyball players but multiple coaches working together. Our philosophy behind this kind of training is two or three sets of eyes are better than one when coaching any sport. This also creates unity for the club, and helps the athletes with their leadership, and teamwork skill sets.

The coaches at SVA are veterans of the sport of volleyball and take pride in their work. No matter the age level, the girls will train hard. Make no mistake, this is a competitive league and at SVA we will make sure the girls take practices and tournaments very seriously. Our main goal is to get the girls ready both mentally and physically for Advanced Level Volleyball